After 3 huge days we had a bit of a rest day today as we were traveling by shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka.

What we did

Checkout wasn’t till 11am so that meant we could sleep in a little. Essentially the day was spent traveling on the train for 3 hrs. It was nice to just kick back though. My little feet really needed the break!

It wasn’t clear enough to see Mt Fuji but the view was still really nice.

Eventually we made it to Osaka and our Airbnb. Once we were settled in we walked to Dotonburi for dinner. Dotonburi is nuts and awesome.

What we ate

Bento boxes from the train station.

Oh and of course a train beer 🙂

We tried to go to a few highly rated places in Dotonburi but there were huge lines and we were starving. We did find a cute little tempura place though and it really hit the spot!

We kinda started eating these before I could take a photo…we were starving!

One of my fave dishes…tempura udon noodle soup. This one also had thin beef strips.

This fried grilled chicked was so yum!

We were able to pick our own sake cups and were given a mismatching bottle.

We didn’t really buy anything today. It was a nice travel day though. We do love the shinkansen 🙂

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