January 6, 2018

Japan day 31 – Tokyo

Our final day in this wonderful country! We have had an absolute blast this past month experiencing so many different sights, sounds and of course tastes! We 100% need to come back and explore more!

What we did

We packed up all of our things, and set off for Tokyo Station with our luggage in tow. Our flight didn’t leave till later in the night, but we needed to check out and we knew there was soooo much to explore in Tokyo Station anyway so we were excited to see what we found! firstly though, we had to deposit our bags at a luggage check so that we wouldn’t have to lug them around everywhere!

Next stop was to find our last helping of waffles from the delicious waffle shop. George really does like waffles! the strawberry one from here was my favourite! Pictures in What we ate :p

With sugar rushing through our blood, we then went for a bit of a walk around the station looking at some shops and buying some things that caught our eye last minute. Yup, there was a small Pokemon Centre in the station too! But we didn’t really buy anything, we already had what we wanted. The Ghibli shop was just amazing though. Seeing as we didn’t quite get to getting to any of the Ghibli sights, this shop was perfect for us! We both bought a few things. I really had to stop myself from buying more!

Once we had done some shopping and walked around a bit, it was time for a more substantial meal so we set off in search of Ramen St. Yup, you read that right. Ramen St is a strip of ramen restaurants in Tokyo Station. Brilliant right! It was lovely to be able to have one last bowl of this delicious, soupy, noodley amazing staple dish. I love ramen so!

With bellies full of deliciousness, we set off about more exploring, picking up some flavoured popcorn for the plane ride home before going on the great KitKat hunt. We had heard rumours of a KitKat shop that had all of the flavours found around Japan. We thought we had found it with the official KItKat shop in a department style store, but alas we were sadly mistaken. It didn’t have the range we were looking for. After a lot of walking around finding not that much, I stumbled onto some good free wi-fi and was able to find the holy grail! It was hidden, but my word the rumours were true! We found so many fantastical flavours and proceeded to buy a substantial amount for both ourselves and for gifts. You can check out our haul in What we bought.

After this, it was time to claim our luggage, repack our luggage with all the new things we had bought and then head to the Narita Express train and go to the airport. We had some time before our flight so we weren’t rushed at check in and even had some time to look at a few shops in the airport. We bought some Duty Free sake which we were both very excited about bringing home. We checked out all the Duty Free shopping and picked up a few little things but nothing crazy.

Then it was flight time! I played Pokemon, slept and watched a movie. George did much of the same. Coming home was bittersweet. We loved being away and Japan is such a truly amazing country, Especially for 2 people who love so much of the pop culture, food and cultural aspects. I really can’t wait to go back and explore more! It was nice to walk in the door and sleep in our own bed though :p

What we ate

Waffles! The pink one was my fave.

Popcorn! One was Caramel and the other one was apple cinnamon! Both amazing and great plane snacks!

Gyoza! Of course we had a side of gyoza with our ramen! How could we deny ourselves one last serving of these tasty morsels!

Ramen! I honestly do not remember which ones we got (serves me right for writing this blog 9 months later!) but I don’t think I really need to tell you because just look at both of those bowls. I wish I was eating them right now!


Our plane dinners which were a vegetable pasta and I believe roast beef. Not quite as good as the meals we were having in Japan :p

But, as it was the Easter weekend we were given a little lindt bunny which was just perfect!

And breakfast was a bacon and egg wrap. Not too shabby.

What we bought

Look at all those KitKat flavours! Also our Ghibli shop haul and a pack of sweet biscuits that had cheese in them. Yup. They were so amazing too. I could have devoured a whole box! My mum was lucky I was able to keep them for her!

We were so happy to be able to find a selection of sake from the Hiroshima region. They have been delicious! Also more vodka, because it never goes astray!

So that is it friends! I know it has been a while since my last post, but now I have finally finished our 1 month holiday in Japan! Next up starts our adventures in South Africa and Zimbabwe! Stay tuned!


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  1. Can’t wait to see Japan 🇯🇵 it’s somewhere I’m really intrigued to visit. Now that it’s 9 months later, how do you reflect on your visit?



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