April 2, 2017

Japan day 16 – Kyoto

As it wasn’t raining today, we could do outside activities yay!

What we did

First thing, we headed to the Fushimi Inari Taishi shrine. My god the people. Such people. It was actually quite awful during the first half an hour. I tried really hard to tune out the hoards and just focus on the surrounds, but it was so hard. Eventually, as we went higher up, the masses thinned out which made it a much more pleasant experience. There were so many steps though. My knees are trash at the best of times, but I made it to the top of Mt Inari after taking many rests. So many steps! George was able to bound up like a mountain goat of course.

Proof that my old lady knees made it up!

The view from about half way up.

One of the shrines up the mountain.

The enterance…so many people.

At the first gates. Seriously it was like cattle hearding. Many people were dicks too.

After making is back down, we then headed to lunch. Again the internet recommended a place…we went there…it was not great. It was a form of okonomiyaki I didn’t care for it.

We then explored Gion for a while and came across a few sakura in full bloom. We were probably about 5 days early to be in Kyoto for the full bloom, but we have managed to find a few. We also went to Maruyama park which again had a few full blooms as well as another shrine to explore.

Our last stop in Gion was the Kyoto portion of Anna and George go to all the Pokemon Centers in Japan tour. A small haul here but their fit out featured a few faves.


For dinner we were able to go to Robin for the degustation menu. I’ll go into that soon. A huge day for us today. We were both knackered after dinner. Not surprising really seeing as we walked 30,755 steps all up…with quite a few of these being up Mount Inari!

What we ate

After coming down from the peak, there was a large rest station on Mount Inari. They had icecream. We had icecream. It was a mix of vanilla and soy bean flour flavours. We loved it!

A little closer to the bottom and we came across a pork bun stand. How could we say no?

This was lunch. We did have a very quiet guest at our table though. Also the walls had crazy crap on them…like these sex cards.

During sakura hunting, we found a custard filled pancake like dessert. I need to replicate this somehow!

Below were all our degustation courses from Robin. It was really interesting to have fine dining that was catered for the Japanese palate. We enjoyed it, but not sure how many other westerners would.

Grilled red snapper with crispy skin.

Rice with whitebait, pickles and red miso.

Thinly sliced red snapper that you poached in the broth.

Shrimp and jelly salad.


Grilled beef.

Assorted appetizers.

Fish soup.

Sashimi plate including urchin and squid.


What we bought

Our small Pokemon Center haul.


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  1. I know how to make those pancake things. Better still, I also know where to buy them fresh, and we can eat to our hearts content 💕



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