April 3, 2017

Japan Day 17 – Kyoto

Another super sunny day today but we had a slightly later start as someone needed more snooze.

What we did

Firstly, I had found some blogs that were tracking the sakura blooms around Kyoto and saw that in the Imperial palace grounds, most were open. So I dragged George here. It truly was beautiful and we took some amazing photos. I loved being in this park. There were a heap of cute dogs here too.

We found a fairly traditional Kyoto style dining place for lunch after a being led on a wild goose chase by the internet. As we hadn’t made a reservation, they only thing on offer was a bento box…but this was unlike any other bento we had previously had.

From here, we found our way on to the golden temple. There were so many people here too. It was a bit hard to truly appreciate the beauty of the temple and the surrounding gardens as you were hearded like sheep and having to hold off bitchy Brittish tourists who tried to steal your  photo opportunity spot that you had politely been waiting for. I sure showed those self centred old bitties.

After this, we made our way to the bamboo forrest grove to take a look. It was nice and I did enjoy the sound of the bamvoo swaying in the wind.

Tired and hungry, I found an amazing little udon noodle place for dinner and then we made the trip back to Osaka. 23,360 steps in total for the day.

I’m glad tomorrow is a travel day so I can rest my feet a little :p

What we ate

Waffle from the train station…yumm!

Traditional kyoto style bento for lunch.

My giant beer vs George’s tiny sake :p

Gold leaf icecream from the golden temple…we had to.

Udon noodles for dinner.

We didn’t buy anything of interest today.

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