March 30, 2017

Japan day 13 – Okinawa

A little bit of a later start today as I really didn’t get much sleep the night before. But eventually we were up and ready to go!

What we did

Well first up was the Okinawa Aquarium. It is quite an impressive building located in the Ocean Expo park. I really liked the aquarium. The whale sharks were so majestic and it really was wonderful to see them. Also the huge manta rays.

This is how thick the glass is in the huge tank. I believe it is the thickest piece of glass used in an aquarium.

Can you see 4 fish in the above pic?

This cuttlefish was demanding attention from the crowd.

After the aquarium, we explored some of the surrounding sections of the park and found manatee and sea turtle tanks as well as a dolphin area that was all free. We did feel kind of sad for the animals here as they were in concrete tanks and didn’t have noce surroundings like the fish at the aquarium.

We then went walking a little more to the tropical ganden centre. This was a very pretty and well kept orchid garden. Walking aroud here was really nice and peaceful compared to the craziness of the aquarium.

This looked like the top of a Vileplume…so I had to take a photo :p

I love koi. One day I’ll have my own pond.

George found the husband chair :p


Air plants.

A rair selfie amongst the orchids. George’s tan is starting to come along. I have puffy eyes from the sick.

Some more walking after this till we decided to head back to the aquarium to have food at the ocean view restaurant. The choices actually weren’t that great…so back to google for advice. We ended up finding a fish restaurant that wasn’t too far so went there.

There isn’t really much else to do around this part of Okinawa, so we went back to our room to prepare for an early day the next day as well as to plan out the next stage of our epic adventure. Oh and we walked 25,065 steps and both caught Corsolas in Pokemon Go 🙂

What we ate

We found a little shop near the aquarium that was run by a husband and wife. They made their own pork buns and we also had curry. It was decent.

We also had Okinawan doughnuts. They were really tasty.

Dinner was at the fish restaurant. It was ok. Definitely not the best meal we have had.

Overall, Okinawa is to Japan kind of like Hawaii is to America. It is the holiday island for that country. In hindsight, we probably wouldn’t have come here and just gone to the Osaka aquarium. Don’t get me wrong, the Okinawa Aquarium is lovely, but it is so out of the way. It was definitely interesting to see a different side of Japan, but not really worth the travel time in our honest opinion.

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