Another travel day for us!

What we did

Well we both had awful sleeps thanks to an alarm at the Airbnb going off at 2am for no reason. It was off and on for an hour or so, meaning that I slept most of the 2.5hr bus ride back to Naha Airport.

Once we were at the Airport and in the departure shed (yup low budget airline haha) we did find a bar and little restaurant that served Okinawa Soba noodles. So we had breakfast soba. On the plane I played much Pokemon Moon. George slept.

Luckily we were able to check into our second Osaka Airbnb early so we made our way there and settled in.

At night, we headed back into Dotonburi to visit a little strip of Osaka that has been preserved since the Edo period. It was really awesome to see this little piece of history hidden amongst the city. There was also a shrine covered in moss as locals throw water on it to cleanse.

We found an amazing little teppanyaki bar called teppaninja for dinner. And then called it a night to try to catch up on lost sleep. We walked 12,487 steps today.

What we ate

Okinawa Soba noodles. These were just what we needed.

Mister Doughnut doughnuts…we were both craving something sweet after all the travelling. These hit the spot. We both love doughnuts so.

Finally, this was all the food we ate at Tepaninja. Our faves were the sui mai, duck, asparagus wrapped in pork and the snow crab.

Again…not really a day for us to buy anything.

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