Another travel day today. This time to Hiroshima on a shinkansen!

What we did

We had a little sleep in then off to the train station along the Namba walk. We had walked past a few curry places on our many adventures through here so curry was on the menu for lunch.

Eventually we made it to Shin-Osaka station and hopped on the shinkansen. 2hrs later and we were in Hiroshima. We settled into our Airbnb and then ventured out into the city to Hiroshima Castle.

This was a very pretty castle with beautiful grounds that was surrounded by a moat that had koi (carp) in it.

There were 3 trees in the grounds that actually survived the a-bomb blast which I found incredibly facinating. The castle itself was demolished, but these 3 trees remained and are still going fine today.

The eucalyptus.

The holly.

The willow.

From here, we found food for dinner after a long search. We eventually stumbled on a place where no English was spoken and there were no pictures in the menu. Thank fuck for Google Translate! We managed to get some tasty food and also found out that the owner/chef used to play baseball for the Hiroshima Carp. It was a nice end to our day. We walked 13,032 steps all up.

What we ate


Delicious curry.

Custard puffs.

And finally, our dinner!


House salad that was served when we arrived.

Yaki-soba. So delicious. George asked the chef what his favourite thing to cook was. He said Yaki-soba, we were in no way disappointed.

Grilled chicken.

Pork gyoza. These were particularly yummy.

Grilled beef.

Hooray for breaking through language barriers!l

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