April 7, 2017

Japan day 20 – Hiroshima

Another day exploring beautiful Hiroshima. The day was a little overcast but otherwise perfect!

What we did

Firstly, we went to the north of the city to visit the Mitaki Dera Buddhist temple. I had seen online that it was particularly pretty and that it wasn’t particularly a tourist hotspot. The internet was right. I really loved my time here. It was a lush temple with waterfalls and moss everywhere and hardly any people. We probably saw a total of 10. I could have just sat here all day contemplating the universe. It is now one of my happy places.

Full of peace and serenity, we headed to Myiajima to see the floating Torri gate and explore the island. Myiajima blew our expectations away. It was such a bustling little island full of restaurants offering the local delicacies of sea eel and oysters as well as shops dedicated to the momiji manju cakes. We even got to see how they were made.

We had a lot of fun walking around, seeing deer, eating oh and of course walking though the floating temple to see the torri gate. It’s a great day trip when you are in Hiroshima. We thoroughly reccomend going.

Dat ass.

That’s a paddlin’. We laughed about this for so long.

This is pretty close to my dream garden btw.

After returning to the mainland, we stopped in at a restaurant that was known for serving sea eel which is a very popular dish here. We could see why!

Not much else for today. We did walk 18,380 steps though.

I must say though, we are really loving Hiroshima. It’s a beautiful city and surrounds. We were talking about how if Tokyo is the Sydney and Osaka is the Melbourne, then Hiroshima is the Adelaide equivalent. A little smaller and slower paced, a known region for sakè brewing, great cultural aspects and great food.

What we ate

For lunch, we found an amazing oyster restaurant. These oysters were massive and so tasty!

Classy sakè glasses.

These were the premium ones and were cooked over coals.

Fried oysters.

With gratin.

We then had a few snacks whilst walking around.

Steamed sea eel bun.

A pastry filled with red bean paste and cream.

A custard frozen bun.

Dinner was back on the mainland at a well known place that served sea eel.

Anago-don. This was do simple and yum! I prefer anago to unagi. It’s a much softer flavour and texture.

More fried oysters because delicious!

What we bought

There was an amazing Sanrio shop on Miyajima.

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