April 9, 2017

Japan day 21 – Hiroshima

Today was quite cloudy with rain threatening, but nevertheless, we ventured out to Okunoshima for a day trip.

What we did

The entire morning was spent gettng to and enjoying Okunoshima…otherwise known as bunny island.

Pre getting to the island, we loaded up with different kinds of foods for the rabbits such as pellets, carrots and cabbage and off we went!

It really was cool to see all the bunnies just hopping around freely and bounding over to you when you had flood. I’m just going to put a heap of pictures in.

It really was a super adorable place and we both had fun. It was a little annoying that the internet was incorrect about the ferry times back to the mainland though.

We were hoping to be able to get to the well knoen sakè district of Saijo too, but with the ferry delay and the rainy weather settling in, we went back to Hiroshima and found a little sakè bar instead.


This was a fun night. We just sat around trying the different types of sakè from Hiroshima and snacked whilst we did. All was fine and dandy till we left and this happened to me…

Seriously, those who know me know I can handle my booze…well not tonight apparently. So yeh…I passed out when we got home and that was the night!

In total, we walked 9226 steps today.

What we ate

We were still pretty full from the night before so didn’t really eat anything in the morning or on bunny island. We did have a quick onigiri at a station on the way home…but it turns out we picked a weird flavour so that wasn’t the best.

Back in Hiroshima, we found a sushi place for a very late lunch. It was tasty and what we needed.

This is what we had at the sakè bar. The salad was delicious, the yakitori was ok. No where near as good as the place in Tokyo though. But honestly, we were here for the sakè.

We didn’t buy anything today. I was close to just having a rabbit hop into my bag…but yeh…customs wouldn’t appreciate that so I refrained.

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