July 8, 2017

Japan Day 30 – Tokyo

Our second to last day in Japan. Tomorrow we fly out late so it counts as our official last day :p

What we did

Today we just hung around Akihabara looking at different shops like the huge Yodabashi Camera there as well as the 7 story sex shop. We also had a light lunch at the Gundam Cafe which did have an amazing decor, but the food was average.

Next we looked around at more things shops like Mandrake (a shop full of toys and collectibles), the Gashapon gallery and finally made it to the Kanda Myojin Shrine, which has become the shrine of IT related blessings and is often where many people congregate. It was really a nice shrine too. There was a pony. I couldn’t get a good picture of it so you will just have to believe me that there was a pony.

A terrible pic of the pony.

We next moved on to this amazing figure shop that we saw on our first day in Akihabara, except this time it was time to buy things! This ended up being a much longer stop than I thought as a huge life changing decision over which figure to get meant that we were there for over an hour. Now usually it’s myself who is indecisive…not this time :p

There was no place to sit…so I became tired and hangry. On our way back to the Airbnb to drop off our purchases, I decided we were to stop at a gyoza place to have a snack. It was a good life choice.

Once our bellies were satisfied and we had deposited our purchases, we had some time to kill before heading out to dinner, so it was time to hit up an arcade to play some games! So then we sat down and played the arcade Pokken Tournament for like 3hrs. It was great! George had never played before and I had only played once, but yeh. So much fun. I’m totally picking it up on the Switch when I finally get one.

Dinner was at this amazing traditional restaurant that was around the corner from our place. We feasted like sumos! With full bellies it was time to go home to rest up for a huge travel day.

What we ate

This was the food from the Gundam cafe. Salad and karagge. The salad had a coffee dressing…not great…not terrible but it worked.

Tasty gyoza that was our late afternoon snack.

And finally our dinner. We had to make sure that we ate the sumo soup that akihabara is famous for. It did not disappoint.

Cucumber with sesame dressing


Oysters in sake

Cold and hot broth with soba with some tasty extras

And finally the sumo broth. The flavour of the broth was very subtle and not like many other Japanese dishes we had.

What we bought


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