June 16, 2017

Japan Day 29 – Tokyo

It is getting close to being the end of our Japan adventures 😦 Today was another jam packed day running around Tokyo.

What we did

Firstly, we headed to the Tsukiji Fish Market for a morning of wandering and eventually eating! There were so many people but it really was an awesome market. We could not be bothered waking up at 5am to maybe get into the famous auction, but yes the markets themselves were so vibrant and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the things. We found a few places to eat at to best capture the full array of food on offer. It was here that George finally decided he wanted a nice sashimi knife too. So we spent quite a bit of time walking around looking at all the knife shops to see which one was best. Turns out none were haha. I too was still on the lookout for a nice sake set that would be a lovely keepsake from our trip.

After a quick Google search, I found out there is a strip in Tokyo affectionately known as Kitchen Street. Now this was a fun street! You could say it was right up our alley…Do you get it…Yeh, I know…I’m hilarious. Anyway, we had much fun here and we both found what we were looking for! You can see exactly what a little further down. Before heading out at night, we dropped off all our purchases at home and had a little rest, because so much walking.

Our next stop was dinner, which was at the restaurant that the awesome Crazy 88 scene in Kill Bill was filmed and based around. The Restaurant itself is amazing. The layout and decor was so unique and awesome. The food was modern Japanese which was actually a change of pace for us. Whilst it was different, it was good different!

From dinner, we headed to Tokyo Tower to see it at night all lit up and pretty. As you can see below, it was.

This was leading into one of the restaurants. There was a One Piece takeover of Tokyo Tower which was pretty cool.

To finish of a perfect day, we headed to one of the best icecream places in Tokyo…for Icecream of course! It really was good.

What we ate

So lunch was a variety of things from the Tsukiji Fish Market.

Of course we had to have sashimi. All of this was amazing. It was also where George decided he had to have a sashimi knife after seeing the chef close up use one. We also waited for about 20mins to get into this particular one. It seemed popular so it was the place to be.

There were a few open air bbq food stalls around the market. We just randomly picked one. We had an eel and squid one. they were super tasty.

Finally for dessert we had strawberry mochis. There was one place that had white strawberries. They were the sweetest strawberries I had ever eaten. I didn’t expect that at all. They were amazing!

So dinner at the Kill Bill restaurant looked like this:

These were tasty, tasty spicy fried squid. Honestly, so amazingly moreish!

This was an assorted yakitori plate. Quite tasty.

So yeh, we are kind of obsessed with Soba noodles. These were amazing.

This was kind of a Japanese kataifi prawn using rice noodles. These were just as amazing as they look!

And finally our drinks! We had cocktails. Mine was a lychee mojito (delicious!) I can’t remember George’s but it was not to my taste :p It was super sweet.

What we bought

So as mentioned above, we did end up buying a few things today.

Look at that pretty sake set! I managed to find 8 cups too which was awesome. Oh I also found a sakura cookie cutter 🙂

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