Well, here we are on another super exciting overseas adventure! Sure this adventure actually took place in July 2017, but life sometimes gets in the way of blogging :p So sit back, relax and enjoy reading about the first day! I promise to post our adventures in South Africa and Zimbabwe not too far apart!

We started our journey with a small hiccup as we were delayed in Brisbane due to lightning storm but we actually saw no lightning from the airport. This made us a little on edge as there was not much time between our flight to Sydney and our flight from Sydney to Johannesburg.

This was our food on the Brisbane to Sydney flight, a pretty sad looking panini.

Luckily, we made it to our Johannesburg flight with little drama even though we were cutting it very fine due to the delay we did get express passes to get through customs. We then waited in the line for ages actually get on the plane which made it seem like such a stupid thing that we had to rush.

Before the flight taxied off, the woman across the aisle from us threw up. It stank. She then proceeded to be in the bathroom whilst we taxied. The plane had to stop. She came back to the seat and proceeded to vomit again. This then turned into a 2hr delay whilst they removed her and her bags. Remember this point for later on in this post…because it becomes a thing.

The long haul flight was decent enough. I had some sleep, but not enough. I did manage to get quite a bit of Pokemon Moon in as well as watching series 1 of Rick and Morty. Yup I know I’m late to that party. I really liked it though.

Our food on the plane was alright, you can see them below:


Landing in Johannesburg and going through customs was easy as. I was really surprised. We then waited for our bags…oh how we waited. When the belt stopped popping out new bags my worst fears were realised. Our bags hadn’t made it. After speaking with baggage services, we found out that they knew they weren’t coming and would be here the following day…1hr after we flew out to Krueger National Park to start our 7 day safari. Once this was explained, we were told they would be delivered to our safari lodge in the afternoon of that following day. Time will tell…We we assured that our bags would be on board in Australia…and they did have 2hrs to take off someone’s bags so surely they could have put ours on…but yeh…

As you can imagine, we were exhausted and a little upset with the situation. We did soldier on, however, and made it to our hotel. Which was extremely nice. All I wanted to do was flop on the huge comfy looking bed and sleep, but we had dinner reservations at a restaurant in the complex so out we went. I’m so glad we did. Tribes was amazing. The decor and service were fantastic. But the food… The food was the standout. We decided on the Peri Peri prawns and the mixed game platter which had kudu, ostritch, warthog and impala.

Good food and beer put us in a much happier frame of mind. So much so we crashed as soon as we were in our room.

What a day. We both really couldn’t wait to get our luggage and starting our Safari! Nothing else can go wrong from here right?

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