We awoke with still no news of our luggage coming through 😦 So we showered, put back on our clothes that we had worn the day before and headed down to breakfast feeling gross and a little deflated about the whole situation. But we were excited to go on the game reserve and see all the animals. This is what was driving us to not be so down in the dumps about it.
Also breakfast at the hotel we were staying at was really good!
My first breakfast
My second breakfast
George’s first breakfast
George’s second breakfast
Our flight to Kruger national Park was pretty good, nothing to write home about but yeh decent. The airport we landed into though, that was just fantastic, It made us feel like we were in Africa, not just in a city in a different country like Johannesburg. Also, the surrounding landscape of Kruger reminded me so much of the Australian Outback, that was something I was not expecting.
Seriously though, check out this airport! We loved it!
Oh and this was our plane snack, it was a danish an juice!
From there, it was a 2hr drive to our game reserve. On our way out of the airport we were so excited to see Impala jumping around just outside. Our driver said all tourists say that and that we would soon not care about Impala at all. We didn’t care, we were just excited to see something! The drive was super interesting. Our driver was a local and explained much about the area, the people who lived there and their way of life. It was so interesting to hear about things like free education and meals at school, how everyone buys a plot of land from the chief of the village and then proceeds to build their own houses! So very different to what we are used to.
As we ventured closer to our game reserve, we started seeing some monkeys on the side of the road which we lost our minds about, then as we became even closer, there were giraffes by the fence that we could see completely. Giraffes are one of my favourite animals so I was so excited I was squealing in the car.
Heading through the main gates of our reserve to our camp, we saw more impala herds, some zebra which apparently is uncommon along the main tracks, birds, more giraffes and monkeys. We arrived at this amazing looking reception where we were lead to the main common area where we had our introduction to the camp and how things worked regarding times for the game drives and food etc. We also told them about our luggage situation and they said they would do everything they could to ensure it came to us as soon as it arrived.
Once our introduction was finished, it was time for lunch, so we sat down and were waited on by Millie who informed us that she was going to be our waitress for our stay. She promptly brought us our bottle of wine and we went up to select our food from the amazing looking buffet.
My lunch
George’s lunch
My dessert of potato and leek soup (I don’t have a super sweet tooth, but I do love potato and leek soup and I didn’t notice it before my other plate otherwise I would have had it first!)
George’s dessert
We were then shown to our villa. Now George said that he had booked a luxury safari, but I don’t think even he realised how amazing our villa was going to be. I mean look at this!
This is by far the nicest place we’ve ever stayed.
After chilling out in our villa for a bit, it was time to go to the main common area to meet our Game drive guides for the first time. But first, afternoon tea!
We met our guide Jaku who in turn introduced us to his tracker partner Carlos. Jaku explained the rules of the safari and we preceded to sit in the open truck eagerly awaiting our adventure! In our group were 4 people from the UK who were friendly and easy to get along with which was good. We soon found out that Jaku was a shit stirrer so we were pretty happy with that!
Along our game drive, we say monkeys, giraffes, warthog, impala, and a single male lion. We were also looking for some more lions, but a heavy storm hit which caused us to turn back to the camp. Luckily they packed us some wet weather ponchos!
Such a beautiful pose for a beautiful creature. I could never get tired of looking at giraffes.
This is Carlos and his sunset bar set up. Yup, we were able to have a drink and watch the sunset among the sounds and sights of the reserve. There were even snacks!
The teenage male lion we saw. He would usually have a few other bachelor males with him, but he was alone.
Due to the rain, we had dinner in the undercover area of the camp. Again it was a buffet and again we were not disappointed! So much amazing food!
We also met Elvis, the porcupine who hangs around camp. He was huge!Blurry photo I know, but he was camera shy!
After dinner, we were so tired, a little saturated from the rain and still feeling gross about being in the same clothes. So I took full advantage of that amazing bath and had one, and also washed our underpants at the same time, because we still didn’t have our luggage. So off to bed so that we could wake up early for our first morning game drive!
Oh, but what is that? A knock on the door at midnight? Could it be? IT WAS!!!! Our luggage arrived! I have never been more happy to see a pair of clean underpants or a toothbrush! So we cleaned our teeth and then hopped back into bed very relived that we didn’t have to wear the same clothes again!

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