A travel day today! It was still quite rainy so we didn’t really mind.

What we did

Essentially, we rode on 2 shinkansen to get to Nagoya. I played Pokemon and George watched a movie.

When we arrived in Nagoya, we checked in to our Airbnb, settled in and began researching on what foods we were going to eat.

Initially, the whole point of stopping in Nagoya was to view the replica Totoro house in Moricoco park which is just outside the city. However, on the train ride in…I discovered that you needed to book a ticket in advance (this information was not very prevalent online) and they were all sold out for the day we were in Nagoya…so we created a plan B.

After settling in, we headed out to visit the Nagoya Pokemon Center and get food. All up we walked 10,270 steps today.

What we ate

A whole bunch of snacks that we bought in Hiroshima station that we consumed mostly on the train. Besides the doughnuts when we consumed that night and the next morning.

Bacon and potato bread roll.

Hash brown bread roll.

As the box suggests…a delicious sandwich.

5 doughnuts for 500yen. How can you refuse?

In our research for food in Nagoya, we discovered that the cuisine here is very different to that of the rest of Japan. For dinner, we found a place that served a local dish called misonikomi It was so unlike anything else. It was almost like a stew with noodles. It was delicious and hearty.

Not a day for buying anything again.

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