April 10, 2017

Japan day 23 – Nagoya

As per my last post, we had to create and then follow through on a plan b for our day in Nagoya.

What we did

We visited the Nagoya Port aquarium first. It was a super nice aquarium that housed orcas and beluga whales. It was beautiful to see orcas up close. They had a mother and a calf there.  The calf was getting quite big though! We were lucky enough to catch non presentation training session.


They also had beautiful reef displays and an Australian section too.

From here we went to lunch to have another local Nagoyan dish which was hitsumabushi (eel). We were quite impressed by this meal.



Work our bellies full, we headed over to the science musuem…because science. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon and the museum itself was set up great with many interactive displays, but the lack of English hampered our enjoyment. The tornado machine, dual tesla coils and the planetarium (plan-e-arium for you southpark fans reading) were the highlights. The planetarium boasts the biggest dome screen in the world. It was pretty damn big.

After all the science and edutainment…it was time to go back to our room to rest our feet a little before we hopped over the road to the best tebaski (fried chicken wing) place in Nagoya.

Again with full bellies, we headed home. Which is when we noticed that our building had about 6 msssage places in it. So we decided to get massages. My massage was good. I really needed it. My calves are so tight from all the walking. It was also the first massage ever where I could have my feet touched. Thanks to my ankle injury, I’ve become desensitised a little when it comes to my feet. Whilst working on my feet, my massuse commented on how tiny my feet and ankles were. You know you have tiny feet and ankles when your Japanese masusse tells you so. No wonder all the socks here fit me perfectly!

Even though we didn’t get to do what we came for initially, Nagoya was a lovely surprise food wise. We found dishes here that we haven’t encountered before. We also walked 14,908 steps.

What we ate

Our lunch as mentioned was hitsumabushi.

It was eel like we’ve never had it before. Very tasty.

Dinner was tebaski and miso katsu which are another 2 of Nagoya’s best known dishes.

The miso katsu is essentially a pork katsu with a think red miso paste as a sauce. Yum. This completely changed up the katsu. Honestly…I would have raved about it more…but…

Holy shit these wings. Uggghhhh so delucious. Such Anna food. The spice and amount of seasoning on these cripsy fried morsels was just perfect. Totally one of my favourite dishes of the trip. I could sit down and knock back so many of these accompanied with beers for an entire afternoon. I need to recreate these.

We also ordered a salad. It too was good.

No buying anything again today.

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