Another travel day today this time heading to the mountains.

What we did

Well firstly as our train left at 11, we headed for the Nagoya version of ramen kishimen. It’s a ramen that uses broader flatter noodles and is usually served with the special Nagoyan chicken.

Then a 3hr train ride to Nagano. Like usual, George watched a movie and I caught up on blogs and played pokemon moon.

After this we had to change to another train to head to Yudanaka. A small town known for hot spring onsen and snow monkeys. This was the one time we weren’t airbnb-ing. We splashed out and stayed at a very nice Ryokan with our own private onsen. Holy shit. This place is amazing. The hospitality is second to none. But my word the onsen.

It was pretty cold…but as soon as we were in the hot spring bath it was like another world. I sat in there for what seemed like hours with hardly pruning up at all. Usually water makes my eczema flare pretty bad due to fluoride and chlorine…not this water. My skin has never felt better.

After our extended bath, we dressed in the traditional attire and made our way down to dinner. This dinner was so yummy. Like damn. You’ll see the pics soon. But here is one of us in our robes đŸ™‚

What we ate

The kishimen we had for brunch.

Whilst this filled us up for a while…we did need a snack in Nagano…so we picked up these…

A pickle bun.

A fried katsu bun.

Then there was dinner. I’m just gong to post all of the things as well as the menu for that evening.


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