What a perfect day to be in the mountains. The sun was shining so an excellent day of exploring ahead!

What we did

To start the day, our ryokan (which is actually 400 years old and has been run for 14 generations) put on a spectacular Japanese style breakfast. So much delicious food. Also, the apple juice from this region is like nothing else. It’s made from the sun fuji apples that grow here. Seriously the best juice. We quote this Adventure Time bit often…but it had never been more true that it was the juice.

With full bellies we set off to the snow monkey park…because snow monkeys. There was still snow up here witch made for really pretty surrounds. Also, this was George’s first time actually seeing snow in the flesh. So he was quite pleased.

We made our way through the mud and to the snow monkey park. As it was a beautiful day and early in the morning they were all out playing and going about their monkey business.

Monkey gymnastics!

They totally just chilled out with the humans around and with the minimal infrastructure.

After sufficient time taking photos and watching the monkeys, we headed back into town. First stop was the giant bronze female form bhudda statue.

Then on to a place for lunch where the owner hand milled the flour and made her own soba noodles. These noodles were divine. Such simple food that focused on the produce.

It was about sakè o’clock…so time to hit up the brewery for some taste testing! It was self service and free…but of course we didn’t abuse it. We tried most between the 2 of us. Some were good, others not so much. It was ok.

It’s called sakè tasting and it’s classy.

It was early afternoon, which clearly meant it was onsen time. So back to the ryokan to explore the public baths and then we settled on a private one that we could both enjoy. Back to the room to chill for a little bit…before taking another bath in our own private onsen before dinner. Honestly…These are so nice!

Dinner was again the traditional Japanese style, but completely different from the night before. As we had the local premium sakè the night before, we tried the local beers tonight. It was a good life choice.

That was about it from a hard day of bathing and looking at snow monkeys. We walked 15,262 steps today.

What we ate

Our delicious breakfast with so many dishes!

Our super tasty hand made soba noodles for lunch.The top is mushroom and the bottom is duck.

In our travels, we also picked up some local manju which were very tasty and not too sweet.

We only had 1 of these each. The rest we will have as snacks 🙂

There was also a little chestnut jelly snack waiting in our room for us with freshly stocked green tea which was super lovely.

And the menu and dishes from our dinner. As well as the beers. If we could ever find them again we would buy in a heartbeat!

We didn’t buy anything besides the manju so nothing exciting purchase wise today.

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