Today was another travel day, but the last one before we had to head home.

What we did

We woke up to have a quick onsen before breakfast…because why the hell not! Breakfast was amazing and full of so much delicious food again. We didn’t have to leave till 9:45, so there was totally enough time for another bath! Because seriously, these hot spring baths were so relaxing and wonderful for the body and mind. I actually really miss that water.

So feeling totally relaxed, we then caught our train to Nagano to then get on a shinkansen to go to Tokyo for the final stint of our holiday. We were so excited to be at a place for more than 2 nights like we had the previous 2 locations. So that we could just chill and settle in a little. We made it to our Airbnb in Akihabara in an awesome location that was close to the train station in a fairly new building so we were excited to see the room and just rest a little. We walked in the door, everything seemed fine, then we went to set up the futon…or we would have if a mattress existed. And so began #bedgate. So much frustration and ranga rage was let out over the next 8hrs. I ended up sleeping on the very hard and uncomfortable single fold out couch. George made a nest out of the bedding that was provided and it seemed to be much more comfortable.

Anyway, whilst rangry and frustrated, we headed out in the rain (oh yeh, did I mention it was raining too?) into Akihabara to explore and eat. We went to Super Potato, the second hand retro gaming store. We were overwhelmed. It was a good distraction. Unfortunately, we didn’t buy any games for our retro consoles. I was looking for a few rare games in particular that I used to own for my newly required SNES, but they didn’t have the ones I was looking for. Well they did have Battletoads, but it was $120…so no. Also we would have needed to obtain a converter. It was an amazing shop though!

Yup, that is the ET game and an Atari 2600.

64 game heaven!

We then went to a few other shops such as the Kotubyuka figure shop, Animate and an amazing figure shop that had soooo much stuff it was just overwhelming.

This was just one of the many boxes, I really wanted all the figures in this case though. Although, I’ll be honest, I wanted so many more figures.

We decided we wanted ramen for dinner. Because it was raining and we were frustrated with our Airbnb host. We needed comfort food. It was the perfect comfort food.

After food, we went back to our Airnb (no extra ‘b’ because there was no bed).

What we ate

Our delicious breakfast.

So in that closed hot pot, was a mushroom hotpot in which we cracked our own egg into. Delicious.

Our Ryokan gave us farewell food which was so nice and unexpected of them, We ate them on the train.

Delicious ramen dinner

Kobe beef ramen, which you needed to eat a piece first without noodles or broth, then you poured in the broth over the beef so that the fat melts in. It was ok, not the best ramen, I would have preferred a different broth. I had to add much togerashi salt to build the flavour.

This pork ramen was particularly yummy.

Of course, gyoza too, because gyoza.

What we bought

So different flavoured KitKats are found in all regions of Japan, the mountain areas of Nagano have the shinshu apple flavour, Given how much we loved the juice of these apples, we bought some for us as well as for gifts.

We also found this 🙂

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