April 25, 2017

Japan day 27 – Tokyo

Well, after possibly the worst nights sleep I have ever had thanks to no real bed, at least the sun was shining.

What we did

We decided to head out to Tokyo Skytree for the morning/lunch whilst our bed situation was hopefully getting sorted out. Tokyo Skytree is actually a shopping centre/lookout built around a TV tower. It really is quite amazing to see up close. We had a great time here. There were lots of really awesome little shops that had unique little treasures. There was also a promotion on at the time which was called Attack on Skytree, so there was quite a few Attack on Titan installations around which was pretty cool. We didn’t end up going up to the top of the tower.

Looking up to the tower.

Giant inflatable titan head.

The fitout of the Pokemon Center in Skytree was just awesome. Those big Rayquaza’s that look like they have busted through the ceiling were perfect!


This is sugar art. These are made of sugar. It blew our minds!

Possibly the coolest thing was the food court in the basement. There was so much that we got a little overwhelmed. Eventually we composed ourselves and found some tasty treats for lunch.

With full bellies and some shopping in our hands, we headed back to our place to see if the bed situation was rectified, and to drop off our stuff in preparation for our afternoon activities. We were not that hopefully on our way home that we would have a bed given the communication we had. So we were gobsmacked and so very happy and relived to find that the mattress that was missing from the apartment had been delivered and set up for us. Seriously though, so draining! Very happy for it to be over.

With the spring in our step returned, we headed out to visit the Imperial Palace. Initially, we weren’t that impressed, because we figured out we went left when we should have gone right. Left was a huge pebble covered walking path and a bridge, oh and park grounds that you couldn’t actually walk on. We were a little disappointed. Thanks to Google, we realised that we took a wrong turn, so proceeded to retrace our steps and headed to the right. Well, what a difference a few hundred metres make! The actual gardens were beautiful and full of full bloom sakura trees. We had a lovely time walking around and taking it all in.

After our lovely stroll through the park, we headed to a post office to pick up our tickets for the evenings entertainment, Baseball! Then headed to the Tokyo Dome to watch our team the Hiroshima Carp take on the Yomiyuri Giants. Now, we went to the baseball in America at Yankee Stadium and we really didn’t have that great of a time. It was more boring than cricket and beer was way too expensive. However, we had good friends who raved about their time at the Japanese baseball and we trusted them :p It was a good thing we did as my word was the baseball so fun! It was nothing like any other spectator sport I have been to. So noisy, such passionate fans with trumpets and drums and the players really got into it too. Also stuff happened! Like the players actually hit the ball and were sneaking bases left right and centre! It was quite exciting! Oh and the beer girls were so damn cute and freaking strong! Holy hell, they were running up and down the stairs with those huge kegs on their backs. It was insane! And the food! Only in Japan can you find delicious food at a sportsball game!

Coordinating in our Carp shirts!

So that was our action packed day! From shopping, to walking through beautiful gardens and finally the baseball, we really experienced quite a lot of what Japan has to offer. Oh and we have a bed!

What we ate

This was our lunch from the foodcourt. We decided to get lots of little things. It was a good choice.

This was pure mango just blitzed.

Those deep fried gyoza were so tasty!

We also picked up cronuts before our walk in the imperial palace and found a lovely place to sit and eat them.

And the food at the baseball!

This was a cinnamon churro. However, George when he bought it heard “shamon” and came back confused. He was relieved when I figured out what she said haha.

A pork belly rice bowl.

Chicken bento

And finally a teriyaki buger which was delicious!

What we bought

Quite a lot actually!

That is a lance of longinus in cake form. We were super pleased to find it! Oh and We Bare Bears socks!

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