June 12, 2017

Japan day 28 – Tokyo

Yes it has been a while…I keep getting distracted!

So after a lovely night’s sleep compared to the previous night as well as a jam packed day the day before we had a little sleep in before we headed out for the day!

What we did

George really wanted to go to a maid cafe. I was a little dubious about it as I knew what they actually were but he was quite adamant that the internet wouldn’t steer us wrong. All I am going to say is HAHAHAHAHA uhhhh the look on his face was just perfect. And yes, we did all the hand movements and singing. Oh and we were witness to a 43 year old man celebrating his Birthday by himself at said maid cafe on his lunch break, whilst dressed up as an angel maid. The costume was short, it didn’t leave much to the imagination. But it was fantastic. I have been told that I was allowed to post one photo from the maid cafe. Enjoy.

After the maid cafe, we walked around Akihabara for a while before heading back to our room for a quick freshen up and change for the afternoon and dinner fun. Check out this amazing Pokemon figure that was on display at a pop up. It was not up for sale yet…if it was, it would have been mine.

Our next stop was Shibuya, and of course we went to Shibuya crossing. It was pretty imposing. So many people.

The main attraction for the day was going to La Rochelle for dinner. For those who don’t know, that is Iron Chef Sakai’s restaurant. It was like nothing else. Such an amazing food experience and life experience in general. And with that I am going straight into what we ate!

What we ate

First, was the maid cafe. The food was eh, but the girls were super cute and drew a Totoro on my omelette rice because I was wearing a Totoro shirt.

The Katsu curry with a drawing of a bunny.

Omelette rice with a Totoro.

Look at these adorable icecream desserts! So yummy!

Ok, now for the main event. The Delacroix of French Cuisine, Iron Chef French Hiroyuki Sakai! Honestly, if you love food and you find yourself in Tokyo, book in advance to come here. You won’t regret it.

We were welcomed by this plate. It was a Hermes plate and it was just for show. We didn’t eat off it at all. It was taken away when we had our wine poured. It truly was a beautiful plate.

This was our appetizer. The menu was in French and Japanese, so yeh…I don’t exactly know what it was but damn. There was a black macaron.

This was possibly my favourite dish. It was a seafood and tomato dish. I loved it so.

So this was a white asparagus and and river trout dish, So freaking yum!

Another delicious fish dish with an amazing side of vegetables. Another of my faves.

This was a very tender and melt in your mouth beef fillet. The sauce was just perfect.

So this was a new one for us, it was horse and it was like a cross between lamb and venison. It was tasty.

This was the palate cleanser, I really don’t remember what it was and it wasn’t on our souvenir menu (I think, I don’t actually know I can’t read French…or Japanese) but I really enjoyed it!

This was the chocolate dessert. I ate most things (well some of them), especially the white chocolate mousse but the other parts were way too rich for me. So George ate the dark chocolate things 🙂

Finally, the last dessert which was my fave one. It was a sorbet. I don’t know what it was, but it was perfect for me!

Honestly, even though we didn’t really know what we were eating half the time…this was truly one of the best food experiences we have ever had. French cuisine for a Japanese palate. It just works.

What we bought

Not a great deal. The bunny ears and keyring came from the Maid Cafe, and George finally found a second megadrive controller 🙂

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