Today we spent the whole day at the Imbabala Lodge. During the night we heard so many animal sounds which we couldn’t quite place besides hippo grunts. We found out as we left for our early morning game drive that there were hyenas around the camp and they were making most of the noise. As we […]

Today was going to be a big travel day. We woke up super early and this time made sure to pack spare clothes and our malaria drugs just in case we happened to have our luggage misplaced again! The lovely people at Kapama were there to help us with our minimal luggage, but also handed […]

This morning we left for game drive just before 6. On our drive we saw many giraffes and impala as well as some hippos whilst we were on the way to track some lions. A very beautiful landscape. It was really beautiful to drive around in.   Hippo Butts! This one giraffe was a jerk and wouldn’t […]

  Honestly, this is what it was like to wake up with the view we had, we may have sung this every morning during game drives when we watched the sun rise…not going to lie. Waking up to having our things was the best thing ever. To be able to wear a clean set of […]

We awoke with still no news of our luggage coming through 😦 So we showered, put back on our clothes that we had worn the day before and headed down to breakfast feeling gross and a little deflated about the whole situation. But we were excited to go on the game reserve and see all […]

Well, here we are on another super exciting overseas adventure! Sure this adventure actually took place in July 2017, but life sometimes gets in the way of blogging :p So sit back, relax and enjoy reading about the first day! I promise to post our adventures in South Africa and Zimbabwe not too far apart! […]

Our final day in this wonderful country! We have had an absolute blast this past month experiencing so many different sights, sounds and of course tastes! We 100% need to come back and explore more! What we did We packed up all of our things, and set off for Tokyo Station with our luggage in […]