Yes it has been a while…I keep getting distracted! So after a lovely night’s sleep compared to the previous night as well as a jam packed day the day before we had a little sleep in before we headed out for the day! What we did George really wanted to go to a maid cafe. […]

Well, after possibly the worst nights sleep I have ever had thanks to no real bed, at least the sun was shining. What we did We decided to head out to Tokyo Skytree for the morning/lunch whilst our bed situation was hopefully getting sorted out. Tokyo Skytree is actually a shopping centre/lookout built around a […]

Today was another travel day, but the last one before we had to head home. What we did We woke up to have a quick onsen before breakfast…because why the hell not! Breakfast was amazing and full of so much delicious food again. We didn’t have to leave till 9:45, so there was totally enough […]

What a perfect day to be in the mountains. The sun was shining so an excellent day of exploring ahead! What we did To start the day, our ryokan (which is actually 400 years old and has been run for 14 generations) put on a spectacular Japanese style breakfast. So much delicious food. Also, the […]

Another travel day today this time heading to the mountains. What we did Well firstly as our train left at 11, we headed for the Nagoya version of ramen kishimen. It’s a ramen that uses broader flatter noodles and is usually served with the special Nagoyan chicken. Then a 3hr train ride to Nagano. Like […]

As per my last post, we had to create and then follow through on a plan b for our day in Nagoya. What we did We visited the Nagoya Port aquarium first. It was a super nice aquarium that housed orcas and beluga whales. It was beautiful to see orcas up close. They had a […]

A travel day today! It was still quite rainy so we didn’t really mind. What we did Essentially, we rode on 2 shinkansen to get to Nagoya. I played Pokemon and George watched a movie. When we arrived in Nagoya, we checked in to our Airbnb, settled in and began researching on what foods we […]