Today was quite cloudy with rain threatening, but nevertheless, we ventured out to Okunoshima for a day trip. What we did The entire morning was spent gettng to and enjoying Okunoshima…otherwise known as bunny island. Pre getting to the island, we loaded up with different kinds of foods for the rabbits such as pellets, carrots […]

Another day exploring beautiful Hiroshima. The day was a little overcast but otherwise perfect! What we did Firstly, we went to the north of the city to visit the Mitaki Dera Buddhist temple. I had seen online that it was particularly pretty and that it wasn’t particularly a tourist hotspot. The internet was right. I […]

Our first full day in Hiroshima and we had a pretty full day planned. It was also a beautifully sunny day and quite warm compared to Osaka and Kyoto. What we did First, we visited what is now called the A-bomb Dome. It has become the main symbol of the city. Even though the explosion […]

Another travel day today. This time to Hiroshima on a shinkansen! What we did We had a little sleep in then off to the train station along the Namba walk. We had walked past a few curry places on our many adventures through here so curry was on the menu for lunch. Eventually we made […]

Another super sunny day today but we had a slightly later start as someone needed more snooze. What we did Firstly, I had found some blogs that were tracking the sakura blooms around Kyoto and saw that in the Imperial palace grounds, most were open. So I dragged George here. It truly was beautiful and […]

As it wasn’t raining today, we could do outside activities yay! What we did First thing, we headed to the Fushimi Inari Taishi shrine. My god the people. Such people. It was actually quite awful during the first half an hour. I tried really hard to tune out the hoards and just focus on the […]

When I was looking for accommodation, the prices of Kyoto Airbnbs was stupid. So I made the executive decision to stay in Osaka and we would just do day trips…seeing as the 2 cities are so close there really is no gap between them. What we did An earlyish start but nothing too crazy. It […]